Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Reads to Love

Oh it’s Friday, I can’t believe it, it feels more like a Monday, but I guess it’s because yesterday was a public holiday here in South Africa. I spent most of my day in bed watching House (I’m addicted!). Also, I’m going to Groblersdal this weekend to visit my parents, I’m so excited! But without further stalling, here’s this weeks reads I loved!

a. “a little film about June” by Everyday Musings. As all of you already know (and if you don’t you will soon), that this is probably my favourite blog, Olivia Rae’s photography is amazing, and there’s always some sort of adventure that she’s on, and this little video clip can explain why I say this, this clip is so adorable! I will someday try making my own video of some kind!

b. “8 Weeks to a better me: Week 7/Personal Style” by Sometimes Sweet. This was so inspiring. Elsie from A Beautiful Mess giving a few tips on Personal Style. It’s worth checking out!

c. “The infinite variety of individuals” by Delightfully Tacky. Oh, gosh, everything she said in this post was so true, we ARE individuals, I don’t want to be and do and like what everybody else does! The things I do, wear, like and say, is what makes me ME, I won’t change for anyone or anything. I was so upset after reading this post by Julie Klausner.  I probably shouldn’t let this upset me, but it did, and it’s still bothering me. All I have to say is that Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky’s post really inspired me, and I’m not planning on ever changing who I am!

d. “What are you waiting for?” by Sometimes Sweet. I loved this post, sometimes, we don’t say nearly enough how much the people around us mean to us, and time is so sort (clichè, I know) we never know how much time we have left to make sure everyone that means so much to us know just how much we love them. I’m making a point of it to let everyone around me know how much they are appreciated and how much I love them. What are you waiting for? Read her post now!

e. “The Dark Forest…in pictures” by Champagne Bubbles. These photos are amazing! I hope to visit that place someday!

f. “Shopping by Era {Wiggles}” by Wild & Precious. This is so exciting, I’m featured here.

Hope you loved these posts as much as I did! Have a wonderful weekend!


Stephanie said...

enjoy the trip home!!

i remember how upset you were about julie klausner's post. she doesn't deserve it!

thanks for all the great posts!

mwah and have a save trip! xx