Monday, June 20, 2011

Things I love Mondays

Things I love Mondays copy

This Timeless Love Victorian style necklace from Etsy for $20.00. Absolutely gorgeous, and on my wishlist!
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How awesome is this Vintage satchel, Christian Charles bag?
I absolutely adore this bag, and it goes with anything and everything… I know it’s actually a men’s bag, but that okay, right?
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This Owl necklace on Etsy, but unfortunately it’s sold… :( Sad day! But still beautiful!
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How perfect is this dress for summer? I’m in love! Bonus: great photo too!
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This DIY comic book flats! I love this!
I can’t wait to try this out sometime!
This is the best DIY I’ve seen in a while!
Go on, check it out!
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Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
And may you have a week full of adventures and inspiration! :)


Stephanie said...

i just LOVE the comic book flats, very clever idea.
have a great week my sister! xx

Lily said...

The owl necklace melted my heart... and the dress is just adorable!