Friday, July 15, 2011

friday reads to love

Whoo!! It’s Friday people!! Can you believe it!!? This was a busy and crazy week and I’m so glad it’s over! I haven’t been able to post really over the week, and I’m so sorry! I wish I had more time in a day to do everything I want and have to… I did however find the time to create a scheduled post for tomorrow, so please check back… :) It’s something I had to share like a week ago, but haven’t had the time to edit all the photos, it’s what I did the Monday when I had the day-off from work, I’ve wanted to post the photos since I the Tuesday! So FINALLY you can see what I’ve been up to! ;) I do realise I’ve missed my regular Wednesday post, Hump Day Playlist, but I’ll make it up to you somehow, this week was terrible and I really don’t want this week over ever!
This week I have loads of cool new reads to share with you all! I really hope you love it as much as I have! Oh, and all of these posts I basically started to read today, it was the only time I had to do so! But I’m so glad that I’m able to share them with all of the lovely readers out there! Here goes:

a.  “break-ups (and heinous ways to kill your ex-boyfriends)” and the follow up “tsk. tsk. shameful” over at IndieBerries. If you haven’t checked out Che’s awesome blog, you have to! It’s so funny and great and awesome and I can’t really think of words to describe how amazing it really is! And these two posts are the reason I started reading her blog this week, thanks to my lovely sister Stephanie for sharing this awesome blog with me!

b.  “arizona love” over at Busy Bee Lauren. A guest post by cami, and the best guest post ever! I love the way she writes and tells a story, so amazing, I was captured immediately through her awesome photos and words, please go check it out, so great!

c.  “diy doorstop error” over at Him & Her. My lovely sister made a diy project and it’s so cute, even though it was an error, it ended up totally amazing! I love this and I wish she could make the same mistake again, because I really want one too… :)

d.  “a place that melts my heart” over at Little Birds. Gorgeous photos and that place would most certainly melt my heart too! So beautiful!

e.  “sunshine” over at The Wiegand’s. I absolutely love these photos! How gorgeous are these? Looks like a perfect summers day!

f.  “what if wednesday” over at IndieBerries. Again, this was so funny! I love the cartoons Che created! You just HAVE to read her blog!! So amazing!!

That’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed this week’s reads to love! May you have an amazing weekend, ‘cause I know I’m going to enjoy mine! I’ve been looking forward to this weekend from Monday! ;) So… Bye! xx


Stephanie said...

i LOVE indieberries!!
she always brightens my day!!

thank you for mentioning me!

love ya & can't wait for tomorrow's post!! xx

oh, and enjoy your weekend!!