Monday, September 19, 2011

friday reads to love on a monday ‘cause I’m lame…

Happy Monday all, I’m so lame for doing my Friday reads to love on a Monday, but after the hectic day I had at work on Friday, I was just out of it, and I didn’t get a chance to even look at the awesome posts from the week, so I’ll share the awesome posts from the week, up until today:

friday reads to love


A Friday (okay, Monday, but you know what I mean right?) isn’t a Friday without re-caps from Everyday Musings, here’s some awesome photos from her past week, weekend (dordogne), dordogne in b+w, pink rain in tourtoirac,
weekend (in dodogne)
. Olivia Rae can make any place she visit look magical!


What’s a week passing without a few good laughs, check out these awesome posts form indieBerries, What if Wednesday, – always something to think about, and I think this might be a wonderful idea to try this out. Flight of Death – may have happened one too many times to some of us. RWC 2011 – if you’re not so 
               big on the whole Rugby World Cup thing this year, you have to check out
               this post, I still giggle like a crazy person each time I think about this post.


I was really impressed with the awesome posts from A Beautiful Mess this week, with all of her awesome diy ideas, and recipes! I can’t wait to try these out, check out, Loose Leaf Tea? Make your own tea bags! , How to style a fishtail braid and Brownie Sundae (in a jar) recipe.


I fell in love with the photos Busy Bee Lauren took on their adventure in Tombstone, AZ. The photos are absolutely gorgeous, and I’ll have to mark this as one of the “must go-to” places on my list when I go to America … one day! :)


Wonderful photos from Andrew + Carissa, truly inspirational, actually all of their photography is absolutely remarkably inspirational and this week I would love to share with you sunset/moonrise. One of my favourite posts so far, gorgeous!


My lovely sister Stephanie did a wonderful diy and post I made this: flower fairy lights over at her awesome blog Him & Her, I can’t wait to see her other diy projects, she always makes the cutest things! :)


Truly amazing photography over at Here’s looking at me Kid, I love the colours and contrast in the photos, and I think a fair is the best place to take gorgeous photos and these are truly amazing, Fair days with my fair gentleman.

Wow, so there’s more than a few awesome posts from the past week, I hope you loved them as much as I have… Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and week ahead! :)


Stephanie said...

aaaah thank you for mentioning me...

i LOVED all these posts too!!

love ya always !! xxxxx