Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Snowing in Pretoria

Most people from Pretoria stormed outside today… It started to snow today in Pretoria, the first time since June 11 1968… I hate to admit, everything is gone now, it only lasted for about 30 minutes, but now I can say I saw snow for the first time in my life :)

Your probably thinking “THIS is what all the fuss is about?”. My sister always said you can see who’s South-Africans in London UK. When it starts to snow, they are the first people to storm outside in the snow at take pictures… :) We really aren’t used to snow at all…


Stephanie said...

ooh wow! can't believe it snowed in Pretoria!!

i've been in the UK for almost 10 years now & i STILL storm outside and take photos of the snow!! :)

sorry it's all gone but just imagine what chaos the roads would have been if it snowed more.

LOVE YOU!!! xxx

chestnutmocha said...

omg! snow!!!
ps: we have a painting giveaway on our blog this week - just an invitation :-)