Friday, July 19, 2013

Changing of Guards at Buckingham Palace

On the 25th of June, I got up really early to catch a tube to Charing Cross, I walked through Trafalgar Square and through the Mall to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of guards. It was extremely busy, but apparently  it’s always busy there. After the changing of guards I walked around the area, there is SO much to see… overall there’s tons to see here in London, I’m here a month already and I still haven’t even made it halfway to all the things I want to see here, and there’s loads of places I would love to see again.

Admiralty Arch (also the entrance of The Mall – walkway to Buckingham Palace) AdmiraltyIMG_3463Buckingham Palace
IMG_3490IMG_3545The Victoria MemorialPicMonkey Collage1IMG_3569IMG_3579 IMG_3622on the right - South African EmbassyPicMonkey Collage2 The Clarence pub in Whitehall IMG_3644 Downing StreetIMG_3651 Foreign OfficeIMG_3666 Elizabeth Tower a.k.a Big Ben and the Parliament Buildings a.k.a. Palace of WestminsterPicMonkey Collage5IMG_3671IMG_3676IMG_3684IMG_3707 Victoria Tower Garden and the view of the Houses of ParliamentIMG_3712 Victoria Tower Garden and the view of the London EyeIMG_3729IMG_3731 Westminster AbbeyPicMonkey Collage4

This day overall was amazing, with so much wonderful things to see. I took like over 300 photos that day… and only about that amount, it would’ve been more, but the battery of the camera had died.


Melanie Heyns said...

Beautiful photos!