Monday, February 21, 2011

Ice-skating, Wine, Movies… Just Perfect…

photo I took in December on our way from Middelburg visiting family to Groblersdal… 
taken with Olympus SP- 510 UZ

I had a little difficulty posting my post on Friday, I really wanted to wish you all a wonderful weekend, but for some very odd reason it didn’t want to publish, but luckily everything is back to normal. At least I can tell you how my weekend was (and on this Monday wish you a great week)…

This weekend I tried to relax completely. 
After work on Friday, I climbed in my pj’s, got in bed and watched a few classic movies like: 
Saturday morning I continued watching Fight Club and The Road to Eldorado (I highly recommend for a children’s movie, but believe me the parents will enjoy it just as much). 
The afternoon I went Ice-Skating with one of my friends (I only fell once, so proud of myself, and it was only the second time in my whole life I had gone Ice-skating), but it made me miss rollerblading as child. I think I’ll start again! :) 
Later that night we had wine at my home and watched a whole lot of Beavis and Butt-head episodes until 01:30 in the morning.

Sunday I watched P.S I love you and gone to do some grocery shopping for the week. 
Later that afternoon I drove to my cousin’s home, where I got a few new movies and series from him, including Vampire Diaries, new Supernatural episodes and V
So excited to start watching!! I watched as he played World of Warcraft with his friends, he’s been trying to get me to play with him for months now, but it looks to difficult and confusing for my taste. I’m more of a Sims person. 

That was what I did this weekend. Very relaxing and tried to do as little as possible. :) 
I needed the rest after being sick in the week. Felt horrible! But I’m so glad I’m all better, a lot of sleep and relaxing does the trick!

Hope everyone of you had a magnificent weekend and will have a wonderful week!


Stephanie said...

your weekend sounds like WAY more fun than mine! all i did was build IKEA furniture & try to get order in our house!

mis you loads sus xx

Courtney B said...

SOunds like the perfect weekend!! I totally miss roller blading!! Now I want to go buy some blades and get outside :)
I'm loving reading your blog!

Nina said...

Thanks Courtney! I appreciated it!! :)

jasmine said...

wow, that photo is gorgeous!!!

Nina said...

Thanks Jasmine :)