Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Sharing a post with you on this wonderful month of love, I thought I’ll let you know that with every little post comes a bit of love from me to you… and it’s kind of a great way to start my new blog.

Usually I’m not very keen about celebrating Valentines day. I find that no matter what day of the year, you should always express your love to those you care about, not only on one day of the year, even if it’s a little chocolate out of the blue, or a card or message saying “I love you”. But in some way it’s quite beautiful that Valentines day exists in the way that some people receive motivation to be creative and let them express their love for someone else in a whole different kind of way, because Valentines day keeps your creative juices flowing.

Most single people hate valentines day, because they don't have a boyfriend or hubby to share this day with. It’s almost like “Happy single awareness day” for them.
Since I don’t have a boyfriend or hubby to share this day with I thought I’d still like to spend this day letting a friend know I care and love them for being my friend.

So this is what I did yesterday on Valentines day with a friend of mine:

My friend Eldrè and I sat outside for a while drinking a glass of wine P2066019

I’m pulling some silly faces… P2066017

What’s a valentines day without chocolates?
And some Hubly Bubly … P2066043

(all photo’s taken with Olympus SP-510 UZ camera)

I had a wonderful time just being with one of my friends on Valentines Day… Thank you so much Eldrè. Having a nice relaxing day, doing what we both love, is a great way of celebrating Valentines Day…
Hope all of you had a wonderful Valentines Day!


Stephanie said...

welcome, welcome!! and what an AWESOME post to start your new blog with!!
sounds like fun!
love you loads xx