Friday, March 11, 2011

BANDS: Candi Black, We Killed Elvis & Chromium!

On Wednesday night 2 of my friends (Johann and Corlia) and I went to Tings an Times, it’s a bar/ restaurant in Hatfield-Pretoria, where we went to see 3 amazing local South African bands. Candi Black (also go here), my friend Juan Roden plays the guitar/bass for them, We Killed Elvis (also go here) and Chromium! They were seriously absolutely amazing! Oh, and before I get to the photos check out We Killed Elvis’s new music video on YouTube, click here! You have to check it out, it’s really awesome! It was their second last show with Cornel as vocalist, he is moving to Cape Town. Their last show will be on the 1st of April! And I can’t wait! I’ll definitely be there!!
Some photo’s I took during the night, there’s so many to choose from!:

Candi Black – Juan Roden on the left. 

Below We Killed Elvis!

Corlia headbaning to We Killed Elvis 
On the Right Cornel (from We killed Elvis) with Jared (from Chromium) 
Me with Jared from (Chromium)!! 
And this is Chromium…: 
This is probably my favourite photos of the whole night, This is Cornel head banging with us in the crowd to Chromium! 
Cornel was asked on stage to sing the last song with Chromium! SO awesome!! 

So that was our night out with Bands and Friends! 
Hope you enjoyed the photos at least as much as I had enjoyed the show! :)

But I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Stephanie said...

oh cool! i miss this about pretoria. i LOVED going to watch all the bands! glad you had so much fun with friends & the music!

love you LOADS!! xx