Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Belated Weekend Post …

As promised, here’s what I did this weekend. I know I’m soooo very late with this post… sorry about that! This weekend I went to Groblersdal to visit my parents, It was my dad’s birthday on Friday (4th March), so on Friday night some of the family came to my parent’s home for a braai (BBQ). It’s was delicious as always, my mum made the cutest square breads in the oven, with tomato and onion souse. I went to bed pretty early, I was so exhausted after the drive from Pretoria (about 2hours from Groblersdal).

imagemy mommy and daddy

Saturday I got up early, one of my friends (Lizanne) and I went to Groblersdal’s abandoned Cricket-field just outside of town, with a blow-up swimming pool on the back of my bakkie (pick-up truck, of sorts). We sat there and just relaxed with some wine and beer the whole day (in the sun actually, and I turned out the be a tomato! I’m still red and it’s Wednesday already!). But it was the best day!!

P3056396The sky was so beautiful and no wonder I  got so sunburnt!

nr. 1Lizanne and I in the pool on the back of my bakkie!

Picnik collage nr2This is the kind of thing you can only do in Groblersdal, there’s no place like this in Pretoria… And it’s a bit more unsafe in Pretoria than in Groblersdal, I’d say.

Later that night we had a little get together with some of our other friends and had dinner at Lizanne’s home. Here’s a few pictures of Lizanne and I with sunburnt faces!Picnik collage nr3

On Sunday we went to my uncle’s farm, it was my cousin’s little daughter’s baptism and we were invited to have a lunch on their farm with the family. Katinka (my sister Karlien’s daughter) had such a fun time in the swimming pool, and my dad had to be with her in the pool, she is only 1year and 10months old, but she went for swimming lessons and fell in love with water. My dad only stood by because he didn’t trust the swimming lessons that she took… :) Over protective daddy and all.


She’s so adorable! Just like my cousin’s dogs, just look at these faces! Okay so Katinka is more adorable than the dogs but just look at them! How could you not want dogs like these?
Picnik collage nr4

Later that afternoon, we went for a ride on my uncle’s farm (saw most of his Wild animals!) And it’s probably my favourite place to be when I’m in Groblersdal!
We saw Blue-Wilde-Beast and Swart-witpense (have no idea what they are in English but in exact translation it’s something like a Black-White-Tummy, hahaha, I know that’s not correct name for them, but it’s kind of close, I think!?) The sky was so beautiful, again and I just had to take a photo! Photo’s of the animals and the sky below:Picnik collagenr5

I drove back to Pretoria on Monday morning super early, because I had to be at work at 08:30, and my day was soooo long!! But it was worth it to stay an extra night, I just didn’t have the energy to drive back on Sunday after everything I’ve done the weekend. I tried to go to bed early on Sunday night, but that failed! I was so tired at work the whole Monday! I only wish I could’ve stayed longer with my parents, it was so wonderful!

But that’s my weekend in a nut-shell and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Can’t wait for the next visit! I had so much fun!


Stephanie said...

look like you had SO SO much fun!
wish i could go home for the weekend too.
oh forgot to say in a previous post of yours - LOVE the shoes!! love ya!! mwah xx

Jennifer M. said...

Looks like summer there! I'm jealous. ;) It's still pretty cool here in Oregon.

Nina said...

Thanks for the comment Jennifer. Yes, it's still pretty much summer here in South Africa. Can't wait for winter though, it gets way too hot over here sometimes.