Friday, March 18, 2011

It’s Weekend!!!

photo from a few weekends back when is visited my parents in Groblersdal. Thought the picture explained pretty well how I feel about it being weekend..

I’m so very happy that it’s weekend! It’s been a very long, very busy week, and I need the rest. Last night I worked late, until 7:45! Usually I get of work at 4:30. BUT!!!… the wonderful news.. Monday is public holiday here in South Africa (Human Rights Day). I have to say this long weekend couldn't have come at a better time!! I also have a few photos I took on Wednesday afternoon after work, it rained cats and dogs! Actually, it’s been raining in the evenings this whole week, but I love it!

P3167124P3167130P3167133 P3167119
Just a few photos I took in our garden while it was raining, I have to say…

Oh, and I have a special surprise for you all in store for next week Wednesday’s Hump Day Playlist! :) I’m very excited about it!

I hope that all of you will have a magnificent weekend!


Stephanie said...

LOVE your photos my sus!!
it's raining here today too.
you REALLY deserve your long weekend!
LOVE you Loads & Loads
mwah xx
ps come visit me for the long weekend ;)

Courtney B said...

Yay for the weekend!! I hope it's wonderful for you!
Beautiful photos!

Nina said...

@ Stephanie: wish i could visit you for the long weekend :( i miss you so much!

@Courtney: thank you so much, hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

Jennifer M. said...

Oh interesting - I didn't realize you lived in South Africa. I just ran across some photos of Johannesburg today online. It seems like it'd be an interesting place to visit. How long have you lived there?

Nina said...

I've been living in South Africa all my life... It's really beautiful here, especially Cape Town! ;)Nature over here is magnificent! You should visit here! I would've loved living in England with my sister but unfortunately it's basically impossible to get a visa for South Africans to live in England now days, because there's already so many of us living there that there's not enough work for their own people left... :) My sister lives in London for about 10 years now, and when I finally finished school (she's about 14years older than me) they changed the visa's that it's almost impossible to get one... So all I can do now, is visit her on a holiday visa...