Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Long Weekend Snaps!

Picnik collage1
On Friday, 2 of my very best friends (Johann & Eldre) came to visit me at my home, we had whiskey, hubbly-bubbly and watched Invader Zim. (I highly recommend that show! So cute!) We had so much fun, pulling faces, and laughing so hard, I think we actually waked the neighbours!
Picnik collage
On Saturday morning I went out with my cousin Carmen to a cute little restaurant, where we had the most delicious Carrot Cake and so many Hot Beverages, perfect in our rainy weather we had for the past week. I had a lovely time catching up!
Picnik collage3

She’s really beautiful, right!? And a lovely dancer I might add! :) 
She gives dancing lessons to students in school from Rustenburg. Must say, she probably is the most fun and talented dancing teacher ever!

Picnik collage2

On Sunday my parents from Groblersdal came to visit us here in Pretoria! 
Love it when they come to visit us, it’s actually the most decent food my sister and I had the whole week! :) (we don’t like cooking, meaning we have to clean-up afterwards, both of us hate that part!) 

Picnik collage4

On the left is Karlien’s daughter Katinka! She’s so cute! And i didn’t know an almost two year old can talk so much! In the middle a photo of my daddy and I. On the left, a photo of Karlien and I sitting outside after a huge and delicious lunch my mum cooked! 

Picnik collage5

On the left a photo my sister Karlien took of me, in the middle left is our pyppy Miemie! In the middle right, Katinka, and on the right is Heleen’s baby (she’s absolutely crazy about her dog Bakkies). 

Picnik collage6

On the left was what the weather was like the past week, in the middle a photo of me working on a new project for my room, will show you when I’m eventually finished with it. And on the right a origami crane, it’s part of my project. That’s basically what I did the whole weekend. 
On Monday, since it was Long weekend, I went out for a drink with my other cousin Sheraton, unfortunately I forgot to charge my batteries for my camera and it died on me before I could take any photos, I’m so mad at myself! :( 

Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! :) 
And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the “special” Hump Day Playlist! I’m very excited about this one! :)

Have a magnificent week with loads of colourful adventures!


Stephanie said...

wish i was there too.
i miss you all LOADS!!

can't wait to see the little project you are working on for your room.

and also tomorrow's hump day playlist!
love you xx