Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hump Day Playlist & Snaps from the Weekend

Todays Hump Day Playlist consists of soundtracks from series and movies that I've recently watched. Hope you enjoy!
1. Letters to Cleo – I want you to want me (10 things I hate about you) 
2. Avril Lavigne – My happy ending (Bring it on: all or nothing) 
3. Panic! at the disco – Nine in the afternoon (Heroes the series) 
4.  Bob Dylan – Man in the long black coat (Heroes the series) 
5. The Muffs – Kids of America (Clueless) 
6. Harry Nilsson – Coconut (Practical Magic) 
7. Elvis Presley – Always on my mind (Practical Magic)

Because of my disability to post photos from the weekend on a Monday, I’ll have to post them with my Wednesday playlist this week. Hereby follow snaps from the weekend: 

Picnik collage
We had a few cocktails at Greek Easy at the Boardwalk in Faerie Glenn.  We had the wonderful Apple Supernova! It’s so delicious! My sister Heleen, her friend Liana and I had that amazing cocktail, and Heleen’s boyfriend Mario had the Long Island IceTea, he seems to love it and he always orders it. 
Picnik collage1
Afterwards we went to Cafe Times where we had another cocktail, Heleen and Liana both ordered a fruity drink, and Mario ordered a Long Island IceTea again, I ordered something with ice-cream, frangellico and amarula in. It was amazing. 
Picnik collage2

After that we went to Hatfield where we drank beer and watched the soccer at Coolrunnings, we also went to Aandklas and HerrGunters where we admired this beautiful Ford GT. Oh, how I wish I could be the owner of this beautiful car. 

Sunday Heleen and I went for sushi and Calamari (and what is sushi and calamari without wine?) Just look at that beautiful sunset behind my lovely sister. It almost felt like we were at the beach. 
Picnik collage3
Most delicious Sushi I had in a while! And the beautiful sunset! 

How lucky are we to live where the sun looks like that most of the time when it sets. 

Hope you a had a wonderful weekend and will have an wonderful week. 
I’m asking forgiveness for my awful posting habits these days, I never seem to have the time! It sucks, work is so busy at the moment and would I love to give 110% of my attention to my blog,t luckily I would be able to do so when I have my first holiday in a while! Only 11days, but it’s something, right? It starts next week Thursday and I’m so excited! I'll be ready with loads of posts! :)


Stephanie said...

ooh cool photos! i miss SA sunsets...

love the music!

mwah xx

Jennifer M. said...

Love your Converse! So pretty. :)

Courtney B said...

How was I not following you before?! Geez louise :)
Love the photos!! Hope you had a great weekend :)

Nina said...

thanks so much for the comments! :) xxx