Friday, April 29, 2011

Paint Buckets Of Fun


I’ve told you many times before of my favourite place in the whole world (which is the abandoned cricket field just outside of Groblersdal), the last time I was there I’ve seen how people wrote vulgar words and pictures on the wall of one of the buildings there. The last time I was there with one of my friends, we decided that we had to buy paint to try and cover those pictures and words with more colour and “happy”-cute stuff (even a little domo that ‘ROARS’ in the photo above) the next time we visit that place. So, yesterday my friend Simone and I bought paint and brushes and went to the cricket field and there are no words to describe how much fun we had. Maybe these photos can speak where my words fail…

P4288238Simone and I going crazy with spray-paint :) …


Picnik collage 1

Picnik collage 2P4288263
Picnik collage 3P4288285P4288298Picnik collage 4P4288308Picnik collage 5P4288321P4288322P4288327Picnik collage 6P4288335P4288330

The most fun I’ve ever had!! :) Hope you all enjoyed the photos and the “graffiti” we made… May you all have an wonderful and colourful weekend!


Stephanie said...

it's horrible that people think that graffiti should only consists of vulgar words & images.

looks like LOADS of fun!