Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scenes from my Holiday so Far

Picnik 1I’m still in Groblersdal visiting my parents and my friends! :) But my short holiday is almost to an end, on Monday I’ll be on my way back to Pretoria. I know I promised to make it up to you for neglecting my blog, but unfortunately I’m still failing with that promise. In this post you’ll be able to see what I’ve been up to this past week.

Picnik collage3
This was taken on the day I arrived in Groblersdal, my dear friends and I went for a few drinks. I realised this few days how beautiful our little town really is and I miss this place, but nothing compares to Pretoria.picnic 7
Oh and this is probably the cutest cat in the whole world!
Picnik collage 10Following a few photos from times with my friends this week.
Picnik collage 4
Simone and I on the cricket field, my favourite place in this little town, it’s just so beautiful there.
picnic 3
Johann, Lizanne and I on the cricket field!
Picnik collage 5
My lovely friend Lizanne and I.
Picnic 2Picnik collage 6My best friend in the world! Johann and I.
Picnik collage 7
Most beautiful place to be in Groblersdal. Loving this views!
Picnik collage 8
Lauren and her boyfriend Charl with me on the cricket field.
Picnik collage 9

Just look at these views of the wonderful Cricket Fields!
picnic 5picnic 6picnic 4

Hope you all enjoyed the photo overload! :) And hope you all had a magnificent weekend! Also to be followed… Photos from last night (drinks with my friends) and off course the Hump Day Playlist! Check back soon!


Stephanie said...

aaaah my cat!! asjas is the best cat EVER!!!
Love the last photo sus!
groblersdal is so pretty!
miss you all! xx