Thursday, May 19, 2011

Drinks at Bugatti’s with a Friend


Yesterday was Public Holiday in South Africa, Vote day. Unfortunately I was unable to vote, I forgot that I was registered in Groblersdal, and I’m surely not going to spend 4 hours on the road just to vote, so instead, my friend Corlia and I went for a few drinks at Bugatti’s, I kept her from her studies (Oops!), she wrote Criminology today (she’s studying to become a journalists, her final year).  I had so much fun taking photos, especially of the flowers just outside of Bugatti’s.  It was great to get out for a change, I spent my whole weekend in bed watching movies, so it was awesome getting outside, and yesterday was such a gorgeous day!

Hope you all have a magnificent day! Tomorrow is Friday!! :)
I kind of scored from this public holiday, a break in the middle of the week.

And a Very special thanks to my lovely sister Stephanie at Him & Her for the guest post on my blog yesterday! I love you always!


Stephanie said...

your AWESOME photos! so STUNNING!

love ya! xx