Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Snaps from the Weekend

This is the most beautiful place I came across so close to our home; Rademeyers in Pretoria. My lovely cousin Carmen asked me to join her at a kitchen tea. Both of us didn’t know anyone there! The only reason Carmen was invited is because it’s her Husbands best friend’s wife-to-be’s kitchen tea (did you get that? almost like a friend of a friend of a friend… so awkward…). She thought it would be fun to tag me along, since she doesn’t know anybody. So awkward, to begin, we didn’t know anyone, when we got there everyone bought her HUGE gifts and we got her a vase with a rose and kitchen towels, (think some of the gifts the other guests got her was things like a washing machine and pots and pans and boxes and boxes of kitchen appliances) we felt like idiots! We luckily sat at a table with friendly girls all of them much older than we are, Carmen and I actually just ate and left as soon as we can, coming up with the excuse that we had another place to be, I would’ve loved taking more photos there, because that place is absolutely gorgeous, but we were in such a hurry to get away from the awkwardness. But all in all, the food and the place was awesome, but next time I visit Rademeyers it’ll be with a better crowd of people… I hope!
Another photo from Rademeyers, I only took these 2 photo’s and it was quick snaps, we were in such a hurry to het out of the place (this was on our way back to the car).
Lovely rose from our garden! Fell in love with this rose, can’t believe it will die soon… :(
These I also got from our garden, the first day we moved in, our neighbour, (a little grey old lady), planted these in our garden, and this is the first time they bloomed! Pretty right?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! :)


Courtney B said...

Rademeyers looks so beautiful!!

Stephanie said...

hiehiehie - sounds like you and karretjies.
the flowers are SO SO pretty!
oh cool - to see that you are using your 'janine' tag.

LOVE you sis! xx