Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hump Day Playlist

This week is so busy, I know I promised some of my new posts but I just haven’t had the time!! Todays Hump Day Playlist is dedicated to our bands here in South Africa. I thought it might be a good idea since the Oppikoppi festival is on it’s way! And I hope you enjoy!

1. Inersha – This is the last Time
2. We Killed Elvis – The Tragedy
3. aKing – Against all Odds
4. Candi Black – Blind
5.  Voodoo Child – Permission
6. Andre van der Walt – Kontra
7. èF – èL – Elegie


<---- “Ladies and gentlemen it is time to switch your pows on. In fact very on. Time has come to start the ritual cleansing and de-cleansing of the senses for the emotional and music overload which is colloquially known as the OppiKoppi festival.

The lineup for the 2011 is being announced in batches and fans are encouraged to visit or “like” the Facebook group “OppiKoppi festival” for all information. As in the past it is a selection of South Africa’s finest and a few nice international faces.”

I’m so excited!! I bought my ticket last night so I’m one of the first 1000 people to receive a promotional T-shirt! Again! ;)

Oppikoppi is one of the biggest music festivals in South-Africa! The festival started off focusing mostly on rock music, but gradually added more genres and now plays host to a complete mixed bag of genres. Anything from jazz, world music, house music, acoustic, comedy and all else in between can be heard on one of the multiple stages. Each year in August thousands of people flock to the farm to camp out in the bush and enjoy the music. The festival features mostly South African bands, although international acts are included in the mix.
Oppikoppi is a colloquial abbreviation of the Afrikaans phrase "op die koppie", which literally means "on the hill". The camping area is at the foot of a hill, on top of which is a bar and the Sipho Gumede stage. This stage features all the hip hop and dance acts, while the main Oppikoppi stage features all of the big acts and most of the rock.
The festival started in 1994, with 27 local talents performing to a small crowd of enthusiasts. It has since grown substantially, with the addition of many new stages and thousands of people turning up each year. The festival is regarded by some as the primary influence in jump-starting the South African rock music movement in the late 90's. It has attracted anything from 5,000 to 15,000 people.
The festival hosts a wide array of acts, with artists being booked from genres such as: rock, hip-hop, hardcore, punk, ska, folk, blues, drum ‘n bass, big beats, funk, kwaito, jazz, traditional, world music and other genres.
In addition to the annual festival in August of every year, the festival also hosts a smaller, more intimate gathering on each Easter weekend in April, focusing mostly on rock and jazz.
According to their organizers they have "rolled bakkies (like pick-up trucks), burnt tents, driven over knees, slept in jails, slept outside jails and turned over several stones to make gigs and festivals work."

Names of the festivals
Each August Oppikoppi has a different name. This year is named Unknown Brother. Here are some of the names of previous years.
1995 - festival of Rock
1996 - Stress relief from everyday situations
1997 - One Big Bang
1998 - Bushveld Blast
1999 - Infestation
2000 – Trek
2001 - Tuned
2002 - Plunge
2003 - Hond uit 'n boks
2004 - OK10 Bloed is dikker as soda water - Oppikoppi's 10th Birthday
2005 - Wired
2006(easter) - Haat my want ek vreet my hasie
2006 - Rock paper scissors
2007(easter) - More than somewhat
2007 - The way of the Dassie
2008(not so easter) - VMMIJDKWMKAHOID’nAPMWEMP?
2008 - Wildcard
2009 (Not-Quite-Easter-Festival) - Strictly Come Twakkie
2009 Smoorverlief

Hope you liked the information about Oppikoppi just to let you know what it’s all about and some of the History behind the amazing festival!
Have a wonderful day!


Stephanie said...

can't believe it almost that time of the year again!

have fun again this year, my sussie!

oh and i LOVED the oppikoppi info.

love ya! xx