Friday, May 6, 2011

What’s in my Bag

I’ve seen allot of bloggers do something like this and I wanted to share mine with you too. I’m one of those people who carry their lives in their bags. 
This isn’t even everything in my bag, usually it looks much worst, but I just cleaned it out, it got too heavy to carry around.collage

a. I always have a camera in my handbag, either that one, or another. 
b. a notebook, and pens, you never know when a brilliant idea might come to mind. 
c. my wallet (yes I know, I really need a new one!), a headband and hair bands (usually more than one and there’s always one around my wrist) and now that it’s starting to get cold i carry my gloves around in my bag, I can’t stand it when my hands are cold. 
d. Hoity Toity body spray, a little pocket mirror my sister Stephanie gave to me on her wedding day, Revlon Colourstay lipgloss, Softlips lip balm, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss, Avon Supershock mascara, Avon Glimmer stick eyeliner, nail file and black nail polish, you never know when you’ll need to look your best… 
e. Instant Oats – Raspberry and Vanilla flavour (when I’m hungry at the office), Huletts sweetener in pill form, my cell phone, and a band-aid. (you’ll never know what you’ll need in a emergency. 
f. last but not least, I always seem to have a book in my bag (currently it’s Fallen from Lauren Kate, a wonderful book, if you haven’t read it yet, Please do!! :) 

And that’s all… 
Okay, so it’s a bunch of things! ;) But you never know what you might need when you’re out in the world… 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Happy Friday!! :)


Stephanie said...

your bag looks a lot better than my - i have WAY too much 'crap' in my handbag.

i will do this in a post too.

luv ya! xx