Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pizza and Movie Night

Last night I went out with my sister, Heleen and her boyfriend Mario. We went to see The Hangover part 2, it was pretty funny, thought it was kind of like the first one though, but still as good…
Before the movie we had pizza at Mimmo’s in Menlyn where I saw the coolest chandelier they made of polaroid photos, and I thought it was such a cool idea, I loved it. The manager even gave me their head office's number to find out how they made it, but it looks pretty easy! Check it out:


This is amazing! Overall the night was awesome, I had a lovely time with my Lovely sister. They told me all about their vacation in Mozambique, they went to Strap (a Jazz and Acoustic Festival), it sounds wonderful, would love to go there myself sometime! They stages was built on the beach with the Acoustic Stage next to a bar on the beach, the first night there was a beach party! Sound amazing right!?

Here’s a few photo’s from last night with Heleen and Mario.
Castle Light beer that Mario and I had! Wonderful as always! :) Oh, and Mimmo’s in Menlyn, is definitely the best one, it so much prettier than the other Mimmo’s.

Thanks for a great night! I had an amazing time!
The End. :)


Stephanie said...

ooh wow - i just LOVE the chandelier. i dont think this will be too difficult to make yourself.
would you mind if i steal the idea...

i will ask wayne what he thinks about this first (of course).
luv ya! xx

Nina said...

no, of course I don't mind it you steal the idea! I think it will look amazing! :)
love you my sis!!