Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Reads to Love

I have a special weekly post I want to share with you, Friday Reads to Love will consist of posts on blogs I’ve read during the week that I absolutely Love and that gave me so much inspiration, that I’d like to share with you guys! I hope you enjoy!

a. “Best Month of My Life” over at Busy Bee Lauren. I loved this post and it gave me so much inspiration, made me want to try the raw eating diet… And her raw recipes looks amazing! Would love to try it.

b. “About me > a-z” over at Elycia’s blog. Such a great idea for bloggers to get to know you! Will try this sometime.

c. “Most embarrassing moment of My Life” over at Busy Bee Lauren. This was seriously so funny, it basically made my whole week!

d. “Friendship” over at An Experiment in Poverty. I think this is the most inspirational post I’ve ever read in my entire life! It’s motivated me to re-evaluate my friendships and made me realize the meaning of what friendship really is.

e. “Floating the Edisto” over at Everyday Musings. Olivia Rae’s photography is such an inspiration to me, I hope that one day I’ll be able to fill my blog with amazing photos such as hers and be able to travel and see what she has seen, seriously these places and things are just so amazing! And this post especially made me want to float the Edisto with my friends! How awesome would this be!?

f.  “Jasmine’s guide to making Friends” over at An Experiment in Poverty. This is the follow-up post from “Friendship”. I just loved this, and I would definitely spend time evaluating my friendships.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I hope that these posts inspired and was as great read as it was to me! <3


Stephanie said...

so cool - i've been busy this week at work and not been able to read all these posts yet (this is waiting for me in my over full googlereader).

i LOVED "Friendship" from Jasmine though.

luv ya! xx