Monday, June 6, 2011

Things I Love Mondays

Things I love Mondays copy
30666606_ecs9yqoh_cI love this view-finder bangle! How gorgeous is this!? Can I have one, pleeeaassseee? :)
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This bookmark is brilliant! Such a great idea, I would definitely create one for myself!
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How beautiful is this painting!? Magical Colours! This painting is done through Khoa Le illustrator/painter.
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This necklace is on my wishlist! I absolutely adore this! Something different, cute, vintage and timeless.  This piece of gorgeous is from Modcloth for $27.99
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This here is something I can’t wait to try out! I love this idea! Better than my failed attempt…
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Hope that you all have a lovely day, and found some things here today you love too!
Have a fantastic week!


Stephanie said...

i think the hear garland is just stunning.
oh and the bangle
and the bookmark!

have a fantastic week, my sis!! xx