Monday, June 13, 2011

Things I Love Mondays

Things I love Mondays copy


How gorgeous are these lace and leather bracelets, like lingerie for your wrists? Each one has a classy glass bead for catching a few extra eyes. Choose from four different designs, silver, gold, black and thin black. Bracelets from Itunube for $34.00.
{via here}

36428450_WwlX3sid_cThis Owl apron, I don’t even have the words too describe the cuteness. {vie here

Loving this Custom made, nested heart ring in sterling silver by Rachel Pfeffer for $88.00.
Sooo on my wishlist!  {via here}

This really beautiful contortionist crochet cuff. There’s a how to guide on the website! I will try to make this sometime… someday… This is just awesome! {via here}

Hope you all have a fabulous week! :)


Stephanie said...

LOVE the apron - makes me think of Godrick my owl cookie jar (that is his name now- wayne picked it).

have a FAB week my sister! xx