Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Reads to Love

Hi there dear blog readers! Hope you all had a fantastic week with loads of inspiration! Here’s a few posts that I loved this week, that gave me inspiration…

Photo Olivia Rae took on her blog at Everyday Musings for her post Rowboats and Lilypads. {This is what I mean about the inspiration I get from her photography, just gorgeous! That cloud reflection in the water is beautiful!}

a. “Rowboats and Lilypads” over at Everyday Musings. As you all already know, I love Olivia Rae’s blog, and once again this week I would like to share one of her posts with you, her photography inspires me so much! It’s just absolutely gorgeous and it makes everything look extra fun and beautiful. One day I would love to fill my blog with photos as great as hers of places I’ve been with friends and family.

b. “Craft Room Clean Up” over at The Dainty Squid. Her Craft Room is adorable, wish I had the space to have a craft room in my home, and when I have one, I would love for mine too look like this. I think she did a wonderful job, although she’s still busy, I think it looks fantastic!

c. “a June afternoon” over at Sometimes Sweet. This video clip of her day is such a fun idea, something I would definitely love to try sometime.  The song in the background “Oh! September” by Mirah is absolutely gorgeous and she couldn’t have picked a better song for her video. Loved this post! ♥

d. “Question” over at Miss Indie. We can’t deny that sometimes we get the feeling of everything getting too much, that there’s too much to do and much too little time in a day to do all those things we have & want to do.  Mandy asked the question “When you have a lot of ideas/plans/goals, how do you stay excited and positive about them instead of feeling stressed”, which is a pretty good question, and the responses she got from all the lovely bloggers is so inspiring and I’d like everyone to read what the bloggers had to say on her question, the tips and trick you could try to avoid feeling stressed about something you should be excited about.

e. “Wanna win a Holga Camera Prize Pack?” over at A Beautiful Mess. This is such a cool giveaway! Everyone in the blog world should enter! Best of luck to all of those who participate in the giveaway! :) 

Hope that some of these posts inspired you and was as great read as it was to me!
May all of you have a Wonderful weekend :) …


Stephanie said...

i am so behind with my google reader...

i'm going to have a quick 'look-see' at these posts you mentioned.

have a FAB weekend my sus!!
love you xx

miss indie said...

Aww thanks so much for the mention! I really did get so much advice, it was really inspiring! :]
I hope you have a great weekend!!