Tuesday, July 19, 2011

diy : dry-erase calendar

Hi everyone!  I’ve wanted to share this since the day i made it but had to wait for my lovely sister Karlien to actually open her handmade birthday gift from me! It was such a fun project to make and very easy! Here’s some photos of the end result:

Picnik collagePicnik collage1
I came across the idea via here.

I used some lovely vintage rose paper I had lying around the house (back in the day when I still did scrapbooking). I carefully planned out the size of each block and row and drew it on the paper with a black marker. I wrote in pen the day of the week above each block in the first row, then I placed the paper inside the frame and wrote with an erasable pen the month and numbered the days in the blocks on the glass. And voila! That’s it, so easy and there you have a dry-erase calendar! Now I’m sort of mad at myself for not making one for myself as well. :)

Hope you liked my little diy (my very first one to share on my blog! Yay me!) Hopefully I’ll get to share another diy soon!
Have a fantastic day!


Stephanie said...


this is AMAZING!!!

i want one toooooo!

luv ya loads! xx