Monday, July 25, 2011

things i ♥ Mondays

Hi dearest blog readers! Hope it’s going good this Monday, mine is kind of miserable! I’m not going to Oppikoppi any more and I was so excited! It’s better this way, though! And the weather took a weird turn, it started out nice and warm (for a winters morning), but suddenly changed to overcast, cold and windy! (almost according to my mood). Even though it might be a bad day for me, I have a few awesome things I love to share with you today! Hope you enjoy!


cutest little diy frog coasters! so adorable I can’t wait to try and make these myself, should be pretty easy (this time I’ll buy more glue)…
{via here}





diy bracelet, and absolutely gorgeous!  I will find the time to try this! {via here}


I love this idea for the bedroom, putting up all the polaroids you love of all the people you love up on the wall in a heart shape to show the love! (load of “love” going on here)
{via here}









Don’t you just love these colours together, love the orange and turquoise! I will try and use these colours together more often, it looks stunning!
{via here}

I hope you all have a wonderful day and that this week would only get better and better by the second! I have a special post planned for somewhere in the week, to tell you all about where I live (South-Africa) and everything there is to know about it! ;)


Stephanie said...

mwah mwah (giving you hugs & kisses).

it's for the best in the end my sussie!

ooooooh LOVE the last photo's colours too! AND the heart polaroid photos - so clever!

LOVE you loads!! xx

Kaycie said...

Fun finds! I really want to do the polaroid heart thing somewhere in my house. VERY fun!