Friday, August 5, 2011

friday reads to love

Hi everyone, Stephanie here.  My little sis asked me to fill in for her here today with the Friday reads that i loved this week.  Here is my choices: 

a.  “Home at last” by the wiegand’s.  I absolutely LOVED their photos of Paris.  The Notre Dame photo is just WOW!  It actually makes me want to go for another visit…

b.  “What if Wednesday” post from indieBerries.  I had so much fun trying to find Waldo on the link Che provided that before I realised, I’ve already played around on the website for hours. 

c.  With “Bored out of my mind” by Busy Bee Lauren,  I could totally relate to how Lauren felt on that day.  Don’t we all feel like that sometimes?  You look in the mirror and all you see is the things that you don’t like or just irritate & upset you, things that you felt the day before, was pretty ok.  We all have them, luckily you come to your senses & realise to make the best of what you have, and be grateful for it.

d.  A Beautiful Mess was the second blog I started following and I still adore Elsie.  I found her “What’s it like to own a vintage boutique” very informative & interesting.  Not that I am planning on opening up a vintage boutique;  but just to see her way of giving such good advice to other readers who are interested in doing that.

e.  My last blog post I LOVED was the guest post Che from indieBerries did here on Black Sheep, “Guest post:  Che Kershaw”.  Che always brightens my day with her funny outtake on her experiences in Korea.  Her “How to kill your boyfriend” post was hilarious and I can’t wait for her site to be up and running.

Have an AWESOME Friday & Weekend! xx

                      {this was taken on the airport when we left for our honeymoon}