Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guest Post: Che Kershaw

I was so excited when Che from indieBerries agreed to do a guest post on my blog! I'm still a new follower on her blog, so I spend an entire day reading her blog from the first to last post.  She is just adorable AND best of all, she's South African like me and such an inspiration! If you're not following her blog yet - check it out ASAP.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Generally chilled, mostly girly, always creating, sometimes crazy and funny on the odd occasion. 

2. Why did you choose to go to Korea? 
It's a country that I didn't really know much about and I was keen to learn more about it. I wanted to go someplace overseas but different from the normal places like London where most of my friends ended up. I've been here three years now and I completely LOVE it. Everything about this place inspires me :)

3. I've read that you traveled to quite a few places, could you share which was your favourite and why?
Oh that's so tough since each place has been amazing for it's own reason. For absolute natural beauty I would say Sri Lanka was incredible. We also got to experience a lot of real local culture and made friends with some of the people who survived the Tsunami - it was amazing to hear their stories. For shopping  Thailand is awesome, Greece is DELICIOUS for food and the Philippines are super chilled out and relaxing :) My (hopeful) next travel plans include Cambodia and Japan! :)

4. Since I've lived in South Africa my whole life and never experienced living in another country or trying to get used to another culture, I was wondering how difficult it was to adapt? I would guess that communication is a problem?
When you first move to another country that doesn't speak english it is really hard to adjust and get used to the idea that people won't understand you. Fortunately I moved into a community with an amazing foreign network and have made really good Korean friends who are so helpful with everything. You learn very quickly to adjust to things that you aren't able to get and now it is more strange for me to be in a room full of people that I can understand!

5. What's next on your personal to-do list  -  how are you forging your own path?
At the moment, I am working on building my own website - which will include some of my design portfolio work and stationery. My ultimate goal is to export Stationery from Korea to South Africa, but right now I'm just working on getting the site up and running :)

6. Is it true that you are coming back to South-Africa at the end of this year & what are your plans for the future?
Yip, I will be back in South Africa at the end of the year. I have been studying a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education while I've been in Korea - so I would like to complete my teaching prac at the beginning of 2012. I'd also like to spend a bit of time getting the stationery imports rolling and selecting some distributors. I don't have any set plans after that though and I've always wanted to explore South America... so.. who knows what the future will hold :)

7. Will you still be updating your etsy shop and could you share a little about your future creations?
I'm moving more towards stocking the site - which will definitely include some of my own creations. 
I've currently been designing two different sets of wedding stationery and it's been really fun - wedding stationery design is definitely something that I'd like to get into full time when I get back home  - so there are lots of exciting things on the horizon!
I also have a project idea for an interactive couples book which I think will be great fun!
The "
How to kill your boyfriend post" was such a hit that I think there are a few people who would really enjoy a couples fun "workbook". Will see how it all goes :) ...
fishboy26fishboy27fishboy28fish7fish8fish98. Can you share a little about your creative process, of how your cartoons get from your head to on your blog?
Wherever I go, I usually carry a little notebook around with me - whenever I get an idea for a cartoon or post I jot down one or two words. If i have time - I will include a quick sketch or some facial expressions to remind me what it's about. Then when I get a gap in front of my computer i draw out some frames and then usually the cartoon evolves from there. They do take quite a bit of time to draw - so it's really motivating to get readers comments to know that they appreciate them! :)

9.  I read on your blog that you have a tattoo, can you tell us more about it? Where it is? What it is? And why this particular design?
Mmmm.... It's like an indian-scroll-pattern-thing (haha) on my lower back and I got it done in Thailand after some dutch-courage cocktails, lots of laughing and street side cigars :) I've always wanted a tattoo and I love it :) I think I'd like my next tattoos to be on my wrist :)

10. Would you share some of your favourite blogs and websites?
There are so many amazing blogs out there! Locally, I love Glossary
for the great picture editing and personal musings. The pretty blog always has great DIYs and printable downloads. Internationally I love Pugly Pixel for all her graphics freebies and tutorials. A beautiful mess is one of the first blogs I really started following and I love Elsie's quirky style. Pinterest will SAP YOUR LIFE with all it's glorious beauty and I could spend years just trawling through Etsy :)

Thank you so much Che for sharing some things about yourself! I can’t wait to see what your future holds for your website and store as well as your blog! I’d like to wish you the best of luck with all your future plans and we will be looking forward to welcome you back in South Africa. It was such and honour to have you here on my blog today, I’d love to have you here again soon!


Stephanie said...

this is so great my lovely sister!

I LOVED reading more about Che from indieBerries - I just LOVE her blog!

Che said...

thank you for having me! :)