Wednesday, August 10, 2011

hump day playlist

Hi dear bloggers! I’m back from my mini vacation! But this is still a scheduled post, if I know myself as well as I think, everything is going crazy at work and I will have so many things I’d like to share with you from my trip, but I won’t have the time to do anything. I just hope you can forgive me, I’ll be back posting about my mini vacation soon. I still have my favourite songs from Season 6 of the Charmed soundtrack. I hope you love it!

1.  Smash Mouth – You are my number one
2.  Stereophonics – Maybe tomorrow
3.  Vanessa Carlton – Rinse
4.  Sarah McLachlan – Fallen 
5.  Soulstice – Fall Into You
6.  Liz Phair – Take a look
7.  Third Eye Blind – Danger

Have wonderful day, I can’t wait to be back and posting! See you soon! :)


Stephanie said...

i love that fallen song from sarah mclachlan. i'm so glad you are back safe & sound.

mwah xx