Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hi my lovely blog readers, I’m so happy to be posting again, although it feels like I’ve lost my touch a bit, I’ve had the best time on my mini vacation! I had the afternoon off from work on Wednesday so I went home around 13:00 to pack my bags and be on my way to Rustenburg to visit my amazing cousin Carmen and her husband Emile. I didn’t take much photos, I basically just relaxed (I really needed that) and it was wonderful!P8049504P8049502
(photos above of Carmen (left) and her husband Emile (right))
Drank wine on the patio and watched the sun set
Played guitar hero/ band hero (and loads of it) or whatever it’s called, Carmen and I played the guitars and Emile played the drums (other nights some friends joined in, singing and playing the base guitars)
Ate the most delicious sushi I’ve ever had
Slept in late
Couldn’t wait to get up in the morning to have amazing cereal (refilling our bowls a bunch of times)
Watched Carmen teach her kids in her dance school & laughing with them
Had the most amazing Coffee two times and sometimes 4 times a day
Went for drinks at a new coffee shop & ate delicious cheesecake
Had one of Emile’s friends over and played 30 Seconds (board-game), laughing our way through the entire game (amazed at how bad our logic is)
Drank chocolate liqueur while drinking wine on the side and eating ice-cream
Had a braai (bbq) with Carmen’s speciality, Potato Salad (the most amazing Potato Salad in the world, just so you know)
Played Balderdash (board-game) and  laughed until our tummies ached and strange sounds came out at all the laughable laws, most of them in America though, like somewhere  it’s illegal to walk backwards after midnight? Seriously?! :)
Ate loads of homemade fudge 
We basically ate the most delicious food and snacks
Went to Sun City for the day (it was amazing, I will definitely go there again, soon) and played Blackjack at casino in Sun City, so much fun
Drove to Pretoria on Sunday for church

It was the most amazing and relaxing few days and I truly miss being with Carmen, I will visit them again soon. On Sunday I drove to Groblersdal for the last few days to spend it with my parents at home. I had a blast! Unfortunately I got infection in my gums thanks to the wonderful thing called wisdom-teeth, now I’m on strong anti-biotics that’s making me sick, so for the last couple of days I’m in a bad a cranky mood with headaches that won’t go away, what a horrible way to end a vacation right?
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and week so far! Luckily it’s almost weekend again! Have a stunning day!


Stephanie said...

this sounds like LOADS of fun! so glad you had a fantastic time!

mwah xx