Friday, August 12, 2011

friday reads to love

Hi guys, it’s Friday and I’m so happy, I’m still feeling awful from the antibiotics the dentist prescribed for me, it’s making me really sick, luckily today is the last day on the antibiotics so hopefully from tomorrow I will be feeling much better.
Photo I took in Groblersdal in December 2010
PC264986I have read some lovely posts during the week and I’d love to share them with you:

a.  “i made this: owl doorstop” over at Him & Her. My lovely sister Stephanie made this wonderful owl doorstop, and hopefully she’ll make one for me as well.

b.  “my little thumb sucker” over at Rockstar Diaries. Isn’t Eleanor the most beautiful little girl? They’re such a beautiful family! I love these photos!

c.  “trying vs. failing” over at Skunkboy Creatures. This post is so true and made me realise that if you’re to afraid to try something you’re already failing, so no matter if you try and you fail, at least you can say you have tried and explored something new! And in my books you’re are already a winner just for trying…

d.  “a walk back in time” over at Little Birds. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Makes me want to travel even more!

e.  “woman power” over at indieBerries. This is hilarious and so true, she made the in connection with Woman’s Day celebrated in South Africa the 9th of August. Also check out these posts from her blog this week: “what if wednesday” & “<w tf/>”.

f.  Check out Olivia Rae’s blog Everyday Musings for the most amazing posts and GORGEOUS photos she’s in Spain at the moment, “la playa”, “seeing valencia”, “wandering” & “colors of valencia”. Stunning photos! All of her posts from this week was so amazing I just couldn’t choose my favourite, so I had to share them all!

Hope you all had a lovely week, and may you all have a wonderful weekend!


Stephanie said...

beautiful photos from little Eleanor.
skunkboy creatures post was so true & made me realise that i do that too - i am too afraid to try anything, thinking that i WILL fail.

and thank you for my mention of my doorstop! love you always!! xx