Monday, August 22, 2011

things i ♥ mondays

Hello all my lovely blog readers, happy Monday to all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend? I had a great time, but I’ll share some photos later. I have a few awesome things that I ♥ on Mondays!

Toile de Jouy onepiece ruffled swimsuit by Fables by Barrie available on Etsy! Isn’t this the sweetest, makes me think of something one of the Stepford Wives could wear! ;) I’m absolutely in love with this swimsuit & the colours! Adorable right!?

This would have to be my next DIY project, I’m not so sure for what I’ll use it though, but I will find some reason to make these cute Colourful felt toppers by Mayi Carles… I’m sure this would look amazing on 123822530_AC8LRJy6_canything!

I can’t wait to try this photo-booth made from an empty refrigerator box & fabric – so smart! This is the cutest idea ever, and hopefully I can use this inspiration for my upcoming birthday! :)


a Pretty antique skeleton key necklace by Precious Pastimes, necklace & garden sparrows made from sweet sterling silver. Just to die for!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and a precious day! :) (click on the photos for the links)


Stephanie said...

i LOVE the necklace & also the photo booth idea - i wonder where you will find a fridge box?

love ya xx