Saturday, August 20, 2011

friday reads to love

Hi dear blog readers, it’s Friday! I’m in Groblersdal again, visiting my parents this weekend and will visit one of my friends, Marius, from Cape Town in Marble Hall tomorrow (luckily only about 20minutes drive from Groblersdal). I have a few awesome reads to share with you again this week:
Friday Reads to Love
Beautiful photos over at Rockstar Diaries, I thought Naomi captured their vacation @”hilton head island, part 1” perfectly with stunning photos.

I always have to mention Everyday Musings, Olivia Rae’s blog is the most inspiring blog for photography and I absolutely love seeing all her adventures, her most current, Spain. From this week, “weekend (in madrid)”, “chocolate + churros”, “el rastro”, “barcelona from up high” and “park guell”. Absolutely stunning!

Considering what some people think about bloggers and how some non-bloggers react to the fact that I’m a blogger, or even to hear about people who have blogs, I think most of us have gone through something like this some time or another and I think Sometimes Sweet put these thoughts into magical words and took these thoughts rights out of some of our heads, “a thank you”.

I absolutely loved this post from An Experiment in Poverty, I think it might be something to do with that the fact that I can relate to about everything she said, look at her wonderful post “I’ve never been very good at balance”.

I have another post from Sometimes Sweet I’d love to share, this story was absolutely amazing and I wish I had the guts to take part in this wonderful post and write about what I regret and why, what I would do differently if I had the chance to go back in time to change that which I regret, this post from her “Journal Day V.3” was my favourite and she definitely have wonderful and strong words.

I hope you all enjoyed the reads from the week that I loved. May you all have a wonderful and adventurous weekend!


Stephanie said...

another series of good reads this week in the blogger world.
i love the way she writes on Sometimes Sweet...