Friday, September 2, 2011

friday reads to love

It’s Friday and the best news of all it’s SPRING here in South-Africa, and I can immediately feel the change in our weather, it’s hotter, our days are longer and the sun is all shiny and I’m happy!  This week at work was a bit hectic and I didn’t post much, but here’s some of my favourite reads from this week…
friday reads to love


I can never do a Friday reads to love without mentioning Olivia Rae’s blog Everyday Musings, and today I would like to share “weekend (in nice)”, “monaco”, “lucien” and “bordeaux, day one”.


Check out this hilarious post over at indieBerries, I absolutely loved this, I laughed so hard… “NSFW (and other letters)”.


The photography of “Berlin!” is absolutely stunning over at Little Birds, makes me wish to be there as well.


If you haven’t seen my post from Wednesday, you have to check out this amazing giveaway over at Little Chief Honeybee the “September giveaway: Jensen Turntable", absolutely stunning!

Happy Weekend! May you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend!


Stephanie said...

i agree about Olivia's blog - just amazing!

have a AWESOME weekend!!