Friday, September 30, 2011

friday reads to love

ohhhh! Look at me all Being on time and everything with todays Friday reads to love, on a Friday, not like the last 2 that was on a Monday, oh, silly me! haha! Okay, but there’s quite a few lovely and inspirational reads from this week, and I really can’t wait to share them, I think this might be my favourite friday reads to love week so far! :)

friday reads to love


First up this week, I have my wonderful sister Stephanie over at Him & Her who did a stunning “I made this: leather kindle cover”, which I, by the way, absolutely love, she’s so creative and (if I might add) she’s making a leather cover for my phone too, I can’t wait! While you’re over at her blog, also check out the beautiful photos she took “our weekend in oxford and movie tuesday”.


No Friday will be a Friday without a mention of Olivia Rae’s wonderful blog Everyday Musings, stunning photos as always and I am so jealous of all the wonderful places she gets to visit, “autumn at the mill”, “sunset walks in loire valley” and “paris for the weekend”.


While on the subject of beautiful photography, you have to check out “Zach’s homecoming group” over at Busy Bee Lauren, it’s absolutely stunning! She took these photos of her brother’s homecoming group, and I think it’s absolutely fantastic!


A week wouldn’t pass without a few good laughs from Che over at indieBerries this week I loved “What if Wednesday” – how terrible it must be to pack your life in one box (horrified just thinking about it) and “It’s science” – the science of procrastination! (something I’m very good at by the way).


I thought this was the cutest and I can’t pass up the opportunity to share with you this cute little post over at Rockstar Diaries. “Here’s to happiness” made me think about the things that make me happy and that maybe I should create a list on the things that’s currently making me happy!


This might be my favourite diy ever, I will definitely try and make this, it’s absolutely stunning. Check out “Toy camera Tuesdays// Make your own camera strap!” over at Miss Indie. It looks pretty easy and gorgeous! ;)

Hope you enjoyed some of my favourite reads from this week! May you have a stunning weekend! I’m going to Groblersdal again this weekend, this is the year of all the 21sts and this weekend is one of my friends, Corlia’s on their farm in Marble Hall! I’m super excited! ;)


Stephanie said...

thank you for mentioning me, my AWESOME sis!! i had so much fun making that leather cover & can't wait to make yours!!

and by the way i think i'm the procrastination queen!!

love ya & enjoy your party weekend!! xx

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

love this post idea! you mentioned some of my favorite blogs!

Che said...

Thanks for including me in your fave reads of the week :) its makes my little heart happy :)