Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Infused Water turned into Ice-pops

After seeing this awesome Recipe from A Beautiful Mess, I had to try making my own Infused water, but after the incredible hot weather in Groblersdal that day , I turned my infused water into ice-pops.
Picnik collage 2
Infused water is basically the best warm weather beverage and probably one of the easiest recipes ever, but after our hot summers day in Groblersdal I tried something a little different.

First I cut a few lemon and cucumber slices, took the skin off of a few clementine’s and picked a few mint leaves and parsley (this is weird I know, and not everyone might like parsley in their water, but it’s really refreshing and delicious).

I made: Lemon and Mint, Mint and Cucumber, Mint and Cucumber and Lemon, clementine and parsley and clementine and mint water. You should taste and add as much ingredients to your liking, I have to admit that my favourite was the Lemon and Mint because the Lemon flavours the entire drink and I loved using clementine, although you have to use loads in one glass, because it’s not a very distinctive taste. 
This clementine  and parsley infused water recipe was probably a bit weird, but it’s actually so delicious and the parsley makes it taste super green and refreshing.
Picnik collage 1
Some of the different kinds of infused waters I made.

After I added the water and everything I needed to create infused water, I then placed the glasses in the freezer for about 2-3 hours, after it turned a bit slushy (otherwise the wooden popsicle sticks would fall over or even out of the glass)  I placed wooden popsicle sticks inside and left it in the freezer for another 2-3 hours. et, voila ! ;) And Enjoy!
Picnik collage 3
You can also flavour the water with a little litchi or lime juice if you like, to create something more in the line of a popsicle than ice-pops. This was truly delicious and you can also eat everything inside the ice-pops! I’m definitely going to make tons more of these this summer, but I’ll probably experiment a little more. 


Stephanie said...

aaaah this is super super cool! and it will keep you cool for the extremely hot weather in Grobbies!

it looks yummy too!!

mwah xx