Wednesday, October 5, 2011

hump day playlist

happy Wednesday! Today was/is one of the busiest days I’ve ever had, although it feels like I’ve done a million things, I didn’t do really anything, do you know that feeling? I had odd little things to do the whole day, and now, I have to sit with all the big things undone, I hate this, it makes me feel exhausted and I just want to go home and forget about anything work related. Tomorrow I will have to work extra hard to get everything done on time. busy, busy, busy! :) Even though…  I still have some awesome songs to share with you this week, so I hope you love it!
Rosie Thomas – Wedding day

The Weepies – Little Bird

Sara Bareilles – Send me the Moon

Missy Higgins – They weren’t there

Adele – Turning Tables

Tegan and Sara – The con

Tristen Prettyman – Don’t work yourself up

That’s all for this week, hope you enjoy! May you have a wonderful few days before the weekend!


Stephanie said...

oooh i know what you mean about a CRAZY wednesday!!

i LOVE turning tables from adele!!

mwah & happy hump day too you!

*AgirlfromNy* said...

i thought i was the only one who listens to missy higgins lol
Nice playlist!!Xoxo