Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend (union building)

I’ve been missing from my blog for a while now, but I needed the break, the last couple of weeks was busy, hard and annoyingly the worst! Last week was the worst week of my entire life and I hope that I won’t ever have a week like that again. Not only did I take a break from the blogging world, our internet had so much trouble we were about a week without internet at work (don’t even ask!).

Nonetheless, I had a great weekend, I basically took a break from my phone too, and I did absolutely nothing the whole weekend, I stayed in bed, watched movies and went to the Union Buildings in Pretoria with my sister Heleen. Oh, and how beautiful the city is this time of year, with all the Jacaranda blossoms, the whole city is purple! (to die for!)  I’m so glad to be posting again and I would think these photos is the perfect way to start blogging again.

The Union Buildings have the most gorgeous gardens in South Africa, and it’s huge! :) We had a few picnic’s in the gardens and there’s loads of people who does the same thing and just relax underneath the magnificent trees.
PA229985PA229986PA229979PA229990PA229991The view of the Voortrekkermonument (Afrikaans and Dutch for pioneers, literally "those who trek ahead", "fore-trekkers) from the Union Buildings.
Look at all those Jacaranda trees, the purple looks so lovely!
This cannons is still in use, and every once in a while when someone even remotely important visits the Union Buildings, they fire the cannons a few times.

It was a gorgeous and hot day out and the sky was the prettiest blue I’ve seen in awhile! I must admit, that I should probably go there more often, it’s so beautiful and peaceful and you get the best views of the city from there.


Stephanie said...

i miss pretoria!!!
i still think it's the MOST beautiful city in SA. don't know why they make such a big deal about cape town??
AWESOME photos sus!
i LOVED going there too!
go to fort klapperkop next! xx luv ya!