Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It’s my Birthday!

Happy birthday to me! I’m 21 today! I can’t believe it! Actually, I can, I feel old already! hahaha! Today, I’m off from work and will be joining my friends for a few drinks tonight, Thursday and Friday I will be in Rustenbrug visiting my cousin Carmen and helping her with her dance show. The past weekend I had an amazing time with some of my friends in Groblersdal, we celebrated my birthday so long. We gathered Saturday morning on Shoembe farm in Groblersdal, and we had loads of fun throughout the day, I even made “varkies” in english it’s called pigs, it’s a drink my cousin Franklin invented, you empty a whole watermelon out and mash the inside, then throw it back inside the hollowed out watermelon and pour a whole bottle of Captain Morgan rum in, or you could use Vodka too. It’s absolutely delicious! You have to store it overnight in the freezer so that it’s extremely cold, otherwise you will get sick, hot rum and sun does NOT go together that well :) I didn’t take any pictures of our “varkies” but I believe it won’t be the last time making them, so I’ll show you how next time! I also have a few photo’s I’d love to share with you from the weekend:


We spend the whole day riding around on the farm, going to all the dams and rivers, we even went fishing and swimming… That night Franklin made yummy food and we all laughed the night away, it was the best early birthday celebration I could ask for. And I’d like to thank them all for the amazing time!

I hope all of you have a wonderful week! See you back on Monday!
Oh!! And I would love to thank my lovely sister Stephanie for the cute divider she made for my blog! I love you always! xx


Courtney B said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful! I hope you have the best day ever :)

Stephanie said...

it looks like you all had so much fun!!! glad you enjoyed it my sis!

happy happy! LOVE you & enjoy the rest of your birthday week! xx

the best part of my day... said...

Happy Birthday Scorpio...hope you're still celebrating...