Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life lately according to my phone photos





I thought I’d share some of my photos on and from my phone with you. The photos & what I did in each one:


1. Me and my aunt’s dog on the couch
2. Non-alcoholic lemon flavoured beer
3. Rainy weather at work
4. Sunset from the balcony
5. Sister, Heleen and I on our walk
6. The Hill Heleen and I climbed on our walk
7. My weird but awesome friend making my night, I still giggle when I look at the photo
8. Reading on swing-chair outside
9. Looking out on the pool and drinking tea
10. Drinking wine with my friend SImone
11. Drinking green tea on the balcony


Stephanie said...

oh cool! that photo of simone is so funny!!!
LOVE the photo of you and heleen!

mwah xx