Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little film about friends from a Friend

A little film "Life with Friends S01E01" done by Simone le Rouxe
Edited by yours truly :)
Music used: The Beatles - With a little help from my Friends

a Little while back one of my dear friends Simone le Roux, send me this video, she created (when she should've been studying), I only edited the video, but I just had to share it, it's too cute for words. The thing about this video is, Simone and I always joke, saying we don't really have friends, so she created friends for us (via paper) - you can say we have issues, we would understand... haha! But that's the thing, we do crazy things that don't make any sense, we are weird and that's probably why we don't have any friends.
Okay so watch it! :)

Thank you so much Simone for my cute video, I absolutely love it!