Thursday, April 19, 2012

Way back when… it was Christmas

Since I have so much catching up to do, I thought I’d start out with Christmas, since I didn’t post about it and since that was the last time I actually done anything on my blog. So here goes, on Christmas eve we as a family came together at my cousin’s home on the farm in Groblersdal, we ate a lovely dinner and opened up some presents, we amused the kids with Mario as Santa Clause.

PC240274Katinka and I still at my parents house, on our way to the farm.100_7253My dad and Heleen at my Cousin, Dawie’s house on the farm, sitting outside.100_7266Mario and Katinka, playing “I got your nose”100_7276Katinka and Jan-Hendrik sang a Christmas song to the family. (Katinka thought the light was a microphone like Jan-Hendrik’s.100_7292Mario played along as Santa Clause and I was Santa’s helper, unfortunately Mario is new to the family so I helped him along with everyone’s names.

The next day on Christmas day, we went to my Cousin, Melanie’s home, also on a farm, we had a wonderful Christmas lunch and spent time with the family, some of those who couldn’t make it to the Christmas Eve dinner. Yeah, Christmas with our family is mostly about food, loads and loads of food :)

PC250488100_7334My sister Heleen and her boyfriend Mario100_7346Me, My cousin Elana and my other cousin Lenette100_7343My Cousin Dawie and his little girl, she is too beautiful for words!100_7352100_7358PC250350PC250324
Katinka and Jan-Hendrik playing outside with the sprinklersPC250329My sister Karlien and our Cousin FranklinPC250303PC250453PC250459PC250465My two beautiful sisters, Karlien and Heleen, just wishing that our Sister Stephanie was there with us. PC250470Karlien’s daughter KatinkaPC250493My Cousin Carmen and her husband EmilePC250494

I Know this is a little too far back, but this was such a wonderful time and amazing to be able to spend it with my wonderful family.


Stephanie said...

wow - looks like you all had a FANTASTIC time! wish i could have been there. Hopefully this year!

love you loads! xx