Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Catching Up…


I have loads of catching up to do, this couple of months has been the busiest of my entire life. (Yes, that’s right, of my ENTIRE life; to be honest not even my matric year was this busy, hehe) Let me explain, I’ve started a new job, well I’m still at my old job as well, it’s like this: At my old job I designed advertisements, flyers, business cards and so on, for RE/MAX Jacaranda in Pretoria. Then, one of the other RE/MAX offices contacted my boss and asked if it would be possible to share me between the two offices. So now, I’m currently working two jobs, (busy as hell, and double the work) meaning my week is split between the offices, 3 days out of the week I’m at the new office, RE/MAX Property Merchants and the other 2 I’m at my old office. HECTIC! Mostly work takes up most of my time these days, always deadlines and to be honest it’s very stressful having to complete two office’s advertisements before the deadlines. Most days I even bring my work home with me, and when I have time for myself (I NEED the time for myself, you know like, reading, catching up on a few series and well, spending time with friends and family) and with that said, there’s hardly time to blog at all. So from this moment on, I’ll do my absolute best to stay consistent. Oh! and the hardest part of all, I don’t have internet at home (yeah, I know! This is the 21st century! HOW… on earth am I without internet right? Well, I’m working on that one.) and when visiting my parents every other weekend, I’m without internet as well. Sigh!

But that’s only part of what happened the last couple of months. Christmas came and passed. Time spend with family and friends in Groblersdal. Sadly my sister, Stephanie couldn’t visit from London over Christmas this year like she usually does. But instead she came to visit us in March for a week! Oh, and we got to see little mister ducky in her tummaaayyy! ;) It was such a wonderful time! I’ll post some photos about that week some other day. I have too many things to share, oh! and I have tons of photos from the past couple of months, I just have to make the time to organise them and I’ll be able to share them. This is getting me so excited, it’s so nice to blog again. I almost forgot the feeling. Almost.

Over all I have just too much to share and tell, so without babbling about it all day, I’ll start sharing a couple of photos from when I was in Groblersdal over the Christmas holidays. I spend some time with friends, going down to the river and relaxing.
(Photo at the top was also from that day)


It truly was a fun day out with friends.


Stephanie said...

welcome back!!!!
i,ve missed your photos & posts. i miss you too but at least i speak to you everyday!

your photos are AWESOME! and i can't wait to see the rest!

love ya my sis!!! xxx (the 3rd x is from ducky)