Monday, July 9, 2012

Jugomaro Predator Park

This weekend I went to Groblersdal to visit my parents and my friend from Cape Town, Marius, who came to visit his own parents. Marius wanted me & Johann to visit the Jugomaro Predator Park with him. Let me tell you… It was Amazing! I can’t wait to visit there again soon.

Me, Marius & Johann.IMG_8895
Marius with a baby wolf, and the daddy wolf, Dexter.IMG_8908IMG_8921

Dexter giving Johann & Marius a few kisses.
The Lions, giving Johann kisses through the fence.IMG_9042IMG_9045IMG_9096
We also went for a little walk with a 6month old White tiger.IMG_9137IMG_9144IMG_9125IMG_9157IMG_9152IMG_9204
We also met Apollo, the biggest tiger I’ve seen in my entire life!IMG_9246
We had to say goodbye to the baby wolfs, they’re adorable! I want one, real bad!IMG_9253IMG_9268IMG_9276IMG_9282IMG_9284
This is my favourite photo, as you can see we can’t watch the camera long enough for a photo without staring at those cute little “puppies”. IMG_9285IMG_9290
This is my “I want one” face.
IMG_8898I had such a lovely time with my friends! Can’t wait to visit Jugomaro again and can’t wait to see Marius & Johann again… This was truly a perfect day! ;)


Simone Le Roux said...

I'll shake those puppies! CUTE

Simone Le Roux said...

I'll shake the shit out of those puppies :P I want one, its too CUTE :'(

Stephanie said...

aaah sis, they are cute! would love to go there too. love the photos! xxx