Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend Photo-Overload

P331745011My cousin Carmen and I on Thursday, we went shopping for my cousin Lenè’s baby shower which was on Saturday. Carmen and I also bought 2 packs of sparklers for ourselves! And I can’t wait to light them and take photos! But I’ll wait until we see each other again, because I’d like to take the photos with her, and share the moment with her!

Oh and I’m going to say, like I said before, I’m always late with my weekend posts, it seems as if my weekends include Mondays as well. I never seem to be able to post my weekend posts on a Monday, not that I still have weekend on Monday, but I’m too busy at work on Mondays. :)

On Friday, my sister Karlien came from Groblersdal to visit as, and stayed the night, so that she would be here for our cousin Lenè’s baby shower. So, Friday night we went shopping, and i bough the new Sims Medieval! I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to start playing!  The best part about the new Sims is that there’s giant Chinchillas that can attack your Sim! That is hilarious!

Picnik collage
We drank wine while we ate our pasta, and while I started to install the new Sims on my laptop! I couldn’t wait any longer! Katinka was so intrigued with my laptop and the sounds that came from it, that she just had to sit on my lap while I figured out the new Sims. Saturday morning we woke up very early (early for me on weekends is about half past 8 in the morning, just so you know). We went for breakfast at Woodlands Mall where we got my mom. Katinka was so happy to see her grandmother, she wasn’t expecting her at all, and there is no person in the world Katinka is more crazy about than her grandmother.
Picnik collage1Picnik collage2 We had the yummiest cappuccino in the world while waiting for Heleen. Still, while waited Katinka and I started colouring a picture with Spongebob and Patrick on it. I think I had more fun with that than she did. When Heleen finally arrived we ordered our breakfast and ate as quickly as possible, because we still had some shopping to do in the Woodlands Mall.

Afterward we went to my aunts home where we had my cousin’s baby shower/ kitchen tea. She is 6 months pregnant and getting married on the 16th of April, so soon. She lives in Australia, but came to South-Africa to get married so her whole family could join her day. My aunties and cousins put allot of  effort into this baby shower. The tables was decorated absolutely beautiful, everything was blue (Lenè’s expecting a little boy, Christiaan). She got lovely presents and so many! Don’t have a clue how she will get it all back to Australia, on the plane.

Picnik collage3

Look how pretty the tables looked! :) They really gone through allot of trouble of decorating the table.
And isn’t this the most adorable little baby girl you’ve seen. Look at those fat little arms and cheeks! So cute. It’s my cousin Dawie’s little girl.
Picnik collage5
The photos below from left to right and top to bottom: My cousin Melanie, my cousin Carmen and I, Carmen and my cousin Dawie’s little girl, Meanè. My grandmother and aunt Nellie chatting, and the last photo,Carmen in her mother’s pink dress and the cutest hat ever. She looked so pretty with her hair curly like that.

Picnik collage4

In the photos below is my cousin Lenè opening her baby shower gifts! She looked really pretty, with her long hair and blue dress, so you can see her little baby-bump underneath, but unfortunately I failed to get a good picture of her baby-bump.
Picnik collage6

She got the cutest gifts ever, I didn’t know baby boys have such cute little clothes! I think their clothes are actually prettier than girls clothes. But it always works that way, for some reason I always feel men clothes are prettier than ours! (probably just me, right!?)

Picnik collage7
Katinka made turns sitting on everyone’s lap. In the first photo she’s sitting on Carmen’s just after she woke up, she took a quick nap after all the shopping we’ve done in Woodlands Mall. In the second photo she’s sitting on my lap with Meanè on Carmen’s lap. In the third photo is shoes Carmen bought Katinka. In the last photo Katinka is on her grandmothers lap, and probably her favourite place to be.

Picnik collage8
Photo’s from left to right: My cousin Melanie. My sister Heleen with a big worm on her lap and the last photo is Aunt Ansie (Lenè’s mom and on the right is her sister Elana).

The photos below is of the most beautiful little girl in the whole world. I told my sister the other day that I’ve never even loved them as much as I love this little girl! (Don’t get me wrong, I really love my sisters allot!) How is that possible!? I don’t even like children! Normally, but I think I’m cured after this beautiful person! She’s just so adorable and cute and beautiful! And Oh my, so intelligent! You wouldn’t believe! The photo below with Meanè on Katinka’s lap, Katinka actually said to my sister “Take Heleen, heavy!”. Haha! How cute is that!? But, I must say Meanè is quite heavy for her age (which is only 4 months!) and she’s almost as big as Katinka (and she’s a year and 11months).

Picnik collage9
We had yummy cups of tea and coffee with cupcakes and little baked goods! It was so delicious! Lenè also gave everyone a beautiful card saying thanks that we were there to support her and for the lovely gifts, as well as a little nougat in a little blue see-through bag. It was too pretty!  

Picnik collage10

I laughed so hard when I took this pictures of Katinka below, because se was quite unhappy with my cousin Melanie for giving her the wrong doll and not the one that she wanted on the shelve, which she actually have in her arms in this photos, but still cried because she was so upset with Melanie! Katinka also came across this Huge grasshopper, the biggest one I’ve seen in my entire life when we went for a walk outside (Photo below on the left).
Picnik collage11

That night when my mum, Karlien and Katinka went home, I cooked yummy dinner for Heleen and I. Pasta with Bacon Carbonara sauce, I also added, bacon, red onions and feta cheese with rosemary herbs. I made a little candle-lit dinner for us, with candles and wine on the table.Picnik collage12

and for pudding… I made a chocolate sauce (out of a melted Top Deck slab) that I covered the chocolate-mousse with and topped it off with M & M’s! (Very fattening, right!?)
Picnik collage13

Picnik collage14Sunday I stayed at home, with a good book (I started reading Fallen – author – Lauren Kate), and loving it so far! I played my New Sims Medieval and put on a Cactus and Ginger warming mask! Which was pretty awesome! I just had to pull these silly faces with the mask on, it was so tempting! :) Later that night, my sister and I went grocery shopping and wait for it… watched How I met your Mother! The photo’s on the left was when I got ready to go out in public after the day at home, when we went grocery shopping. I’d say I’ve had a wonderful and fantastic weekend, but still not too busy that I didn’t have the time to rest!

Oh, and before I forget to show you this. We have a little visitor in our bathroom, who’s always there watching us from the wall above the sink. Creepy right!?

Picnik collage17

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
And may this be a lovely week with loads of adventures and interesting things!

Oh, and one last little thing:
Picnik collage15
If you ever have a child and would like to see the cutest thing on earth, buy your child a pacifier like this! Look at that cute little mouth and the tongue and cute little lips and with Katinka here, you can even see her small little teeth! (forgive me for the photo-overload, but it’s too precious not to share!)


Stephanie said...

WOW. where to start...
LOVED the photos!
LOVED tinkie's pacifier (i should, because i bought it for her).
SCARY spider - did you find out what type it is yet?
carmen look so pretty with her hair all curly.
and wow but meane got big (and fat).
miss you loads my sis! xx

Jennifer M. said...

Such cute photos! I love the vintage look of them - are you using Instagram?

Sims Medieval!! :D I just got that game not too long ago - it's so fun isn't it?

Nina said...

Hi Jennifer! :)

I'm actually using Picnik for my photo editing. Awesome website! If you haven't used it before, you should try it...
Thanks for the comment! :)

Oh and the Sims Medieval is really awesome I love it! It's a wonderful change from the normal Sims, not that I'm complaining about the other Sims, I'm a Sims freak, but it's nice to have something different for a change! :)