Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wreck this Journal {part 1}

P6078881I finally got my Wreck this Journal! I was so excited when I got is in the mail, and by the way, it took 25 freaking days to get here in South Africa, when I ordered it from the UK. Seriously!? That long!? Well anyway! I would love to share my first photos of my Wreck this Journal with you!

Notice the small little ant on the page, well, I didn’t notice him until I actually squashed him with my shoe :( … sorry mister Ant!
I’m not so sure if you can see the footprint of my shoes on the pages, but I promise you, it’s there, looks like the bottom of my shoes are actually cleaner than the rest of them. :)


Stephanie said...

i've been looking forward to this post for ages now.

i can't really see your footprints - i think it's in need of a redo.

it would have been quicker for me to post it for you from here - hiehie. but at least you got it now.

can't wait to see the rest of the awesome-ness.

love you ALWAYS!!
by the way LOVE the shoes! mwah xx

Anonymous said...

i saw that journal in the store and i love it! i didn't know they had little "projects" though - yay fun! i'll add you to bloglovin and hope to see more :)

Nina said...

@ Stephanie, hahaha, think I should do a redo with the footprint though, the bottoms of my shoes were too clean! ^_^

@ Patience, thanks for the comment and the add on bloglovin, I'll post some more Wreck this Journal posts soon! :)

Lily said...

I can't believe yout shoes are that clean!!! Anyways, I've seen this journal and I love it! So cute!
You have a lovely little blog, lady! I'm glad I found it! :)