Friday, July 8, 2011

friday reads to love

Hi there awesome readers, I’m a bit late with this post this week… oops! I’m in Groblersdal this weekend, I drove here from Pretoria this afternoon, it’s just so relaxing being at home with you parents always makes me feel comfortable and at ease… :)
Over the weekend I will post my photos from my day off I had on Monday! I’m pretty excited about them, and can’t wait to share some of them with you… Another sneak peak below…
Kay, without further babbling, I have a few good reads from this week I’d love to share, hope you all enjoy them and find them as inspiring as I have.

a.  “a little film about the beach house” over at Everyday Musings. The cutest video ever, makes me smile every time I’m watching it. They really love to dance! ;)

b.  “bike rides and garden parties” over at Here’s looking at me Kid. Gorgeous photos!! Relaxed garden party looks like so much fun… ;) I should do that more often…

c.  “sometimes when I’m feeling a bit down” over at Sometimes Sweet. This is actually such good advice and I’m totally guilty of ignoring the little things in times when I’m a bit down, I should definitely do this!

d.  “accessory diy | pom pom braid bracelets” over at Here’s looking at me Kid. I love this bracelets and can’t wait to try this out sometime, such a fun diy!

e.  “parade pics” over at The Wiegand’s. Beautiful and awesome photos, like most of the photos on their blog!

f.  “frozen raspberry sangria margaritas” over at Everyday Musings. I can’t wait to try this out, this looks so good! yum-yum! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend…


Stephanie said...

i LOVE being home with the family - just sad it doesn't happen very often.

enjoyed all your friday reads...
luv ya! xx