Monday, August 15, 2011

things i ♥ mondays

Hi guys! It’s Monday again, and our weather is extremely weird, it was so nice and sunny and warm the weekend (I couldn’t even enjoy the wonderful weather since I spent the whole weekend in bed and feeling sick!), but last night it took a turn, today, its cloudy, raining, thunder & lightning and there was even a brief hailstorm… I’m one of the only people who absolutely love this kind of weather and I think most of the people at work feels like this: 
when they see me today… this picture made me giggle the moment I saw it. I’ve always loved rain, and thunder I think it’s because since childhood my father and I would sit outside on the patio whenever thunder and lightning came, and we sat there in silence watching while the storm passed. I miss those days since I’m living in Pretoria, our storms never last very long…

You can click on the pictures to find the links. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and hope you all love my post for today!
Things I love Mondays copy
115207064_KKCzBGtY_cThis is a pretty amazing tutorial I came across: how to make bokeh photographs, I can’t wait to try this, I’ve always wondered how people did this. And this is such a stunning photo to show you how amazing bokeh photographs are. (here’s a few other photos to show just how amazing…)


This is the coolest thing since sliced cheese I tell you. This woman started a project named Draw me a song and I’m already in love, her website is not yet running but you can follow her on twitter and facebook, so please check out this link, it’s the most amazing and gorgeous thing I’ve seen in a while. All I can say is WOW and I want one!

I found this awesome site, with loads of downloadable and printable to-do-lists and weekly planners for your blog and I thought I’d love to share this with you. I’m surely going to use some of these.
115276428_CozWQDxP_cI hope you all enjoyed today’s post and found some awesome things you could use as well as some inspiration! Have a lovely day and an even better week!


Stephanie said...

i don't mind the rain BUT really don't like thunder.
the draw me a song is awesome.
thank you for the links with the planners - i'm trying really hard to start using lists for everything - the only way i get anything done.

love ya! xx