Saturday, August 27, 2011

wreck this journal {part 5}

As you all probably know from this post, I had a few FUN-tastic hours, over the weekend, with two of my good friends Johann & Marius. I also asked them to help me out with one of my pages in my Wreck this Journal…

P8209595P8209596P8209597P8209612P8209623P8209627P8209630P8209634P8209637P8209640P8209655P8209658I’m kind of sad that I have to destroy this book, but it’s what it’s all about right? I realised that so far all the pages I’ve done in the book didn’t destroy the book much, so I’ll have to start doing pages that would really damage this book. Also in the photo below I tried to smell if it smells like burned paper, but it still smelled like me, yay! :)

Hope you enjoyed this edition of how I wreck my journal! :) Have a lovely weekend! xx


Stephanie said...

Hiehiehie I LOVE the photo where u look sad! It will make me very sad too if I had to destroy a book. Love u always!!!