Tuesday, September 20, 2011

farm days

So I’m a little late posting the last photos from my films I’ve developed about a month ago, the first two posts with the photos from the first two films can be found here, and here, if you’d like a re-cap. First of all, these photos were taken on my uncle’s farm in Groblersdal and to be honest with you, probably the best place to be, with wild animals, gorgeous landscape and scenery. These photos was taken about a year ago when some of my friends and I went to the farm to have a braai (bbq) at my uncle’s lapa with the most amazing view! If anyone of you, ever find yourself in the Groblersal area (extremely unlikely though) please get in touch and I’ll give you the full tour of the farm, it’s absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! 

The view from the lapa (where the braai {bbq} area is)F1020001
Beautiful blue skies (almost always looking like this in Groblersdal)F1020003F1010011F1010001F1010005

This is what happens to photos when the film used to take these photos was already used, taking photos over other photos, the weird shark photos and those of the palm trees was from a vacation in Durban, South Africa. But I kind of love these photos and how it blends in with the new ones I took :)

This is a skull of a rhino Lizanne is playing with…
That would be me drink some beer in the middle of nowhere on the farm :) We also climbed some hills and walked like crazy (luckily the farm is divided in camps, and this was in the area without rhinos and buffalos in them).
F1010024F1010022F1010023I’m so happy it’s summer time again here in South Africa, this meaning we can do all of these weird and crazy (but fun) things again! I truly missed the green landscape! I’m craving for some fun in the sun :)


Stephanie said...

AWESOME photos! make me miss SA and all of u EVEN more!! xx